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Testimonials from some of our members

Home away from home!

Sweat and Stretch, for me, is my home away from home. Located perfectly on Exeter’s bustling high street, it is an institution that aim to help and develop people physically, mentally and emotionally.

With a staff of extremely helpful individuals, the daily hour spent in the gym was the moment I used to look forward to most during my tenure at the University of Exeter. The vibrant atmospher of the gym and the camaraderie that I shared with the owner and employees at the gym are memories that invoke a sense of nostalgia even today, thousands of miles away in Mumbai, India.

In my opinion, this institution helped to form my character as an individual, while helping me form those six-pack abs that every student dreams of having! The gym members, who hail from various parts of the world, helped set the tone for this multicultural centre, which was willing to share its love and values with all.

In the world today, where most gyms are set up primarily for commercial purposes, Sweat and Stretch and their staff are a breath of fresh air, with motives so pure to encourage and inspire individuals like myself to keep changing while firmly having their values rooted to the ground.

Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Karan Singh

Sweat and Stretch can cater for anyone!

Something that has always fascinated me about Sweat and Stretch is the wide variety of people that attend the gym. Sweat and Stretch is suitable for people of any age, profession or background as it caters specifically for the needs of the members. Staff are friendly and enthusiastic, always willing to help and adept at giving advice to the most seasoned of gym members, as well as enticing complete beginners to exercise.

There is more than enough equipment to go around and any fitness requirements can be met. If you struggle to gain some direction in your workouts then you can always ask the gym staff for their advice or indeed book a personal programme. Another advantage for members is the complimentary classes, which are the perfect supplement to any gym programme.

However, as a student, the one thing that is most appealing is the fantastic student rates on offer. Taking advantage of this means that students spend less time worrying about their bank balance, as well as allowing the relaxing atmosphere of the gym to let the stress of their studies drift away!

Joe Millyard


Get yourself fit and feel the benefits!

I joined Sweat and Stretch in Exeter two and a half years ago. I had always wanted to join a gym but had never actually got around to doing it, like so many other things in life! I was given a kick start into doing something about my fitness as I suffered a prolapsed disc and was laid up for three months. I was in a lot of pain and unable to do all the things that I was able to do before. It took me a long time to regain my confidence and I felt I needed to do something about my fitness levels.

When I joined Sweat and Stretch, I was made to feel very welcome by the helpful and friendly staff and I was set a simple fitness programme to start me off. This was reviewed on a regular basis and I am now able to do many things that I had never thought possible. I have lost weight, toned up and feel really good about myself and I certainly feel fitter than I did before. I thought that joining a gym would make me feel inferior and that other members would judge me on my capabilities but this was not the case – everyone gets on with their own thing and they are very friendly.

There are people of all ages and varying fitness levels that attend Sweat and Stretch and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to join and get fit like I have. It has certainly changed my life for the better and I look forward to and enjoy my regular visits to the gym. So, my advice is not to put it off any longer. Join and get yourself fit and you will certainly feel the benefits.

Carol Cordial


The best thing since sliced bread!

If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would ever start attending a gym, the result would have been mild, hysterical laughter! However, due to the charming persuasion of one of the ever-friendly Fitness Staff on the pavement of Sidwell Street in the middle of June 2009, I took the plunge! By the second week of July I had become totally addicted and at that point commenced on my on-going six-times-a-week workouts.

The whole Sweat and Stretch experience captivated me from the start – well-run, beautifully clean, manned (and womaned!) by knowledgeable and immensely agreeable people and, all-in-all, FUN!

What of the results? Since July 2009, I have lost most of my previous flab. I have acquired some very respectable muscle and for the first time in my life I now have a flat and increasingly ‘hard’ stomach. My waist measurement went from 34” to 30” in about 3 months and I have vastly increased my stamina and self-confidence. Not, I think, a bad ‘Gym CV’!

So, to have achieved all of this, I must be a youth in the full flush of maturity, mustn’t I? Well, no actually! I am almost 71 years old and, since 2006, have had two artificial hips! If I can do it, anyone can. Moreover, I am convinced that if one cannot do it in the Sweat and Stretch environment, one might as well give up.

There is not a doubt in my mind that joining the gym was one of the very best things that I have ever done. Why, oh, why did I not do it years ago?!

Tegwyn Harris








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