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Free Weights

Our new spacious free weights room offers members the chance to take on a more advanced form of strength training, with plenty of benches, racks, barbells and dumbbells to add variety to any training programme. Working with free weights can improve your strength and flexibility, increasing your range of movement and providing a functional benefit for every day life.

Sweat and Stretch, for me, is my home away from home. Located perfectly on Exeter’s bustling high street, it is an institution that aim to help and develop people physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Sweat and Stretch seeks to challenge the image of the stereotypical weight lifter. Free weights exercises are often incorporated into our personalised programmes and our training room is an inclusive environment where you can challenge your body to work harder. With the expert guidance from our fitness staff, we can ensure that you use the equipment safely, with proper form, good technique and more control.

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